Huge Absentee Vote in Key States Favors Democrats So Far

But not every county has done so. Philadelphia, for example, has seven open and will have 17 throughout the city by Election Day. In Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh, there will be five open on weekends throughout October. But in Lackawanna County in northeastern Pennsylvania, there are no satellite election offices.

And in North Carolina, Democratic-leaning counties around Asheville, Charlotte and Raleigh have high rates of absentee voting so far, but a half-dozen rural Democratic counties with majority Black populations have some of the state’s lowest turnout ratios so far.

In Wisconsin, election officials in Milwaukee and Madison, the state’s largest and most heavily Democratic cities, have sought to make absentee voting more accessible to avoid large gatherings at the polls.

For the last two Saturdays, the Madison municipal clerk’s office has sent 1,000 poll workers to more than 200 city parks, where they have collected more than 16,000 ballots. Milwaukee officials have 13 drop box sites across town, which have become the city’s latest selfie-taking hot spots.

“I see lots of pictures on Facebook of people taking selfies as they drop their ballots into the boxes,” said Sachin Chheda, a Democratic consultant in Milwaukee. “And I’m not seeing that a little bit, I’m seeing a ton of that.”

Up north, turnout in Ashland County, a rare rural county that backed Hillary Clinton in 2016, is already at 22 percent of the 2016 total. In adjacent Price County, where Mr. Trump won 60 percent of the 2016 vote, turnout is lower so far, matching just 14 percent of 2016’s turnout.

“There’s a lot of trust in our mail system up here and a lot of dependence on the mail system,” said Xristobal Ramirez, the chairman of the Chequamegon Democratic Party, which covers Ashland and nearby Bayfield counties along the Lake Superior shore. “The mail generally doesn’t fail us out here.”

Amanda Cox contributed reporting.

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